About this guy


Who the hell am I? I’m Phil Selby.

I’m a writer with 15 years experience working in the advertising industry – most of that as Senior Copywriter/Director/Producer for Grey Canberra, one of the ACT’s leading ad agencies.

So, what does a copywriter do? Put simply, I’m a word guy – I write for a living. I use words and ideas to communicate, to engage, and to sell.

I write advertisements for print. I write websites. I write TV and radio scripts. Flyers and brochures. Not to mention articles, corporate and instructional videos, speeches, documents, or any other kind of written content.

If you want to promote your business; if you want to communicate a message; if you want a single promotional piece, or a complete branding campaign; if you need creative thinking or you need something written – anything at all – I’m your guy.