What this guy can do for you

Websites! At this very moment, the general public are on your website, deciding whether or not to give you their money. But are you convincing them? Are they getting a good first impression? Are you capturing their attention? Or will they lose interest and start Googling funny cat pictures instead?


Social marketing! Because Facebook is more than just an opportunity to see uncomfortably private photos of people you hardly know. Make friends with your customers through social media and beautiful things can happen.

Brochures and flyers! Paper still has its place in the marketing arsenal. Tantalise customers with the tactile pleasure of an upmarket glossy brochure – or hit them between the eyes with a fast and hard-working flyer. Mind the paper cuts, though.

TV advertising/video content! I can get you on the box with a traditional television campaign. I’ve done lots of those. Or maybe you’d rather hit YouTube with a viral video?  Here’s one of those I did.

Promotional ideas! Throw away that gorilla suit and ‘SALE’ sign – you don’t need to dance at the traffic lights any longer. If you’re looking for unique and unexpected ways to talk to your customers, talk to me first.

Radio! Rock the old-school theatre of the mind… there’s no limit to what you can do on radio with even the smallest budget. Well, except pictures, of course.

Corporate videos! Just say no to boring corporate videos that double as sleep aids! Make it succinct, engaging and effective.

Proofreading! It’s more than just picking up typos that accidentally spell out rude words. As a proofreader AND writer, I can also suggest broader changes to your existing text that can help you communicate even more effectively.

Screenwriting! I’ve enjoyed some success as a screenwriter, having sold a pilot script for an animated comedy series to FOX Animation Studios in Los Angeles. I’m also currently working on an ongoing comedy-writing project for an LA-based production company.

I can deliver the finished product! I’ve directed hundreds of TV and radio commercials over the years, so I can oversee the production of any script I write, all the way through to it appearing on air. Better still, I’m used to working with limited budgets, so you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Not sure if I’m the word guy for you? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s have a chat.