Why this guy?


Because I’ll make sure I understand exactly what your business needs before I write a single word. First, we talk through the issues facing your business. Only once that’s settled, then I start writing. It pays to properly think things through – you always get better results.

Because I can be as involved as you need me to be. Just want a one-off flyer? Not a problem. Want a complete facelift for your brand including a new logo, tagline and a whole suite of advertising?

Because I’ve got production experience coming out the wazoo. I’ve directed and produced so many TV and radio commercials (literally hundreds) that I nearly called myself Professional Word and Television/Radio Direction and Miscellaneous Production-based Activities Guy. But I changed my mind because the business card wouldn’t fit in my wallet.

Because I’ll stop, collaborate and listen! I’ll keep you informed throughout the process – we can work together to get the result you want. After all, I’ve got a vested interest in keeping you happy... so you come back and give me more work! (Too soon to be so honest?)

Because the price we agree on is the price you’ll pay! If the job doesn’t change, neither will my quote. Of course, you also get two rounds of changes as part of that price!

Because I’m used to small budgets. I know how to achieve professional results with tight budgets.