Magnet Mart

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Description: Low-budget but hard-working TVCs produced for the client Magnet Mart while I was working for Grey Canberra.

'The Magnet Mart Man' campaign has been running for around ten years, and was originally created by local advertising legend Bruce Mackay. The Magnet Mart Guy was a great character for gags, and I enjoyed evolving him into, well, let's face it, a bit of a loser. But a LOVEABLE loser!

But this 'loser', his childlike behaviour and his trademark cry of 'OI!' helped keep this small regional hardware store open for years in the face of crushing competition from the all-powerful and cashed-up Bunnings Warehouse chain.

Much credit goes to the client for letting me have some fun making these TVCs. :)

Unfortunately nowadays, whoever is writing the ads just isn't trying, and the Magnet Mart Man has been reduced to nothing more than a shouting head on the TV. Sadness descends. :(